We've slept in the 5 bed room without own bathroom. The room was quite big and the windows kept the noises from the main street outside. New matressess would be great but overall the beds are good. You also don't have to refer the beds which was a first or me in a hostel and quite nice. The room has its own cabinets for each bed. The common bathroom is only a few steps away from the room on the same floor There are 3 toilets and 2 showers.
Breakfast is included and it's a good start into the day.
Everyone was nice there and I'd stay at the same hostel again!

Sarah B
October 6, 2016

It's a nice and cozy place to stay. Easy to find from the I.P Pavlova station via the Main Station. The rooms were clean, washrooms and kitchens were also tidy and reliable. I didn't interact with the staff too much, so I don't know how helpful they were, I suppose offering a map or a quick run down of the hostel and the area would have been nice, but not the end of the World. It's a pretty chill place, perfect for a quiet stay in Prague.

September 25, 2016

Advantage is a really great hostel, in a really good location, it's like a 15 minute walk from the old town and shops. The staff are really friendly and the hostel is really clean with good facilities. The free breakfast was really good, they had a nice selection going on. The wifi here was decent too.

The only downside for me was the showers. The bathrooms are never great in hostels but these showers you could basically see everything, only the outline but it could have been better designed. It's really not the worst thing though, so don't be put off going here by that.

They have free things that you can do in the evening like cooking, beer tasting and things like that. They don't sound that appealing but they were really good, such a good way to meet people and if your a bit short of cash it's a good way of getting some free beer and a bit of food!

September 20, 2016

Advantage hostel was one of the best places I stayed while I did my backpacking through Europe. It has a great staff who is very welcoming and helpful. Dana was definitely one of them. Dana invited some guests in the hostel to cook dinner the night I arrived. All of us had a great night with her. Dana also gave a free tour the next day to which I assisted. Dana is very friendly and such a nice person with everyone. I highly suggest this hostel since they always do activities for its guests. It is also a very clean place which it offers a great breakfast too.

September 15, 2016

It was nice hostel with nice breakfast and the staff really works hard to maintain it. Though it's not in city centre but very near to metro station through which you can really go to city center in 10 min. The front desk office Katerine was very helpful but the boys sitting there doesn't help you much and they are more interested in helping girls. Over all i enjoyed my stay.

August 25, 2016

It was on ok stay. The location isn't the nicest but a ten minute walk and you'll be out of there. Very direct route to the train station. The facilities were fine, didn't like the foggy doors on the shower, didn't feel privet at all. My main concern was the smell in our room, undoubtably someone had pissed in the room, that's not the staffs fault but the room stank for our entire stay. Social enough place though so you'll meet people and that always makes a hostel better !

August 21, 2016

Was a loverly hostel. Everything was clean and the bag storage was really good! The location was a bit of a walk and the room was really hot and the beds were very squeaky but that doesn't really bother me. Free breakfast was great! The only thing I didn't like was the bathroom set up, the shower and toilets were opposite each other and anyone could walk in at any time, there wasn't a lot of privacy. Other than that great hostel!

August 20, 2016

Lukas was amazing! After check out he let me store my luggage all day and when I came back to get it he let me shower before heading to my next destination and hang around for a bit to charge my phone! Its people like him that make traveling so much easier and with less stress! Would recommend this hostel!

August 18, 2016

Best thing about this hostel was he staff. Really enthusiastic, accommodating and friendly. Organise free tours and beer tasting etc. I can't remember her name but one of the female staff took us on a tour and was really interesting to chat to about Prague. They posted me my dress when I left it there! Good spaces for socialising. Clean rooms but slightly dirty toilets. One bad thing was that when the window is open you can hear the traffic on the main road at night.

August 16, 2016

The customer experience was wonderful and they do a different event every night which I really love because it gives you a chance to meet some new people and it was tons of fun. The hostel was really clean and I really liked how they set up the rooms and it was wonderful. They also served breakfast which was nice.

July 1, 2016